Health and safety of workers on the Project will be managed through the existing health and safety systems and standards. ERA will implement an underground safety standard to ensure the highest level of protection for the health and safety of workers. This standard will cover all key underground mining risks including; ground control, emergency response, fire, explosives, hazardous atmospheres, air blasts and inrush of liquids or solids. Underground workers will be in close proximity to the uranium ore. The radiation exposure of these workers will be managed by two methods.ust and radioactive gases will be managed through application of a robust ventilation system coupled to mine scheduling. Gamma radiation (like X-rays, but of higher energy) will be managed by shielding (on equipment, or through the application of shotcrete) and through minimising the exposure time of workers in proximity to higher grade ore. Predicted radiation exposures to workers are higher compared to those typically recorded for the open pit mine. However, they are all well below the safe limits and they are similar to radiation doses recorded at other underground uranium mines worldwide.